Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How To Attack Your Opponent On Filing Day

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No earth-shaking surprises on Day 1 of filing, but we did learn that you can be attacked even on what would seem to be a serene filing day.

Can you really attack your opponent about the way they filed?

Peter Kinder's campaign seems to think so. Kinder consultant David All took shots at how Rep. Sam Page filed for his boss' job. All targets an e-mail sent out to Page campaign supporters. All takes aim at two "silly mistakes" that should have been caught by Page.

1. “Today - early this morning - I left for Jefferson City. Oh really. Why are you just now arriving at your day job as a state legislator and missing votes on Monday? More importantly, why are you bringing light to the fact that you’re missing votes?," writes All.

2. “On arriving at the Secretary of State's office, I officially filed for the office of Lieutenant Governor at 8:00 a.m. today when filing opened.” Try saying that sentence three times fast! While Page claims to have filed at 8 AM, according to the Secretary of State’s website, he actually filed at 1:25 p.m. Odd.

"Perhaps the “real” Dr. Page doesn’t have a firm grip on what his campaign is doing/saying on his behalf,?" concludes All.

1 comment:

roger said...

What a freaking loser. How paranoid must Kinder and All be if they're responding like this to Page filing for office?

Talk about losing your grip. All has no grip on reality.

Wonder who's the bigger loser: All for posting something so stupid, or Kinder for paying him to do it?