Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Allen "Can't Accept" Emerson's Bailout Vote

The Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional district is challenging Rep. Jo Ann Emerson on her support of a Wall Street bailout bill that failed in the U.S. House Monday.

"These Wall Street firms gambled in very high risk, and questionable financial gambling schemes in the mortgage industry and elsewhere. I cannot, and I believe that most of us who actually live here in the 8th Congressional District in southern Missouri cannot understand, nor accept Jo Ann Emerson’s vote to bail these Wall Street gamblers out of a jam of their own making," said Joe Allen in a statement released Tuesday.

Emerson said her vote sought to minimize the damage to the economy.

"The failure of this legislation means financial institutions, small businesses and Americans with pensions, retirement accounts and savings are still at risk from irresponsible actions on Wall Street," Emerson said in a statement issued after the vote, as reported by the Southeast Missourian. "This is a serious problem that requires a serious solution. The threat posed to Main Street Southern Missouri is real, and I will continue to work for a solution that is transparent and accountable to taxpayers," she added.

Allen said Emerson's "yes" vote was a vote "against the woman who worked all day . . . the people who go in at 3 a.m. in the morning to shelves at Wal-Mart . . . the college student working their way through school at McDonalds."

Allen said: "How could Jo Ann Emerson vote against them and believe that they should be the ones to pay-off the gambling debt of the Wall Street bankers who gambled and lost in some really questionable schemes that are now under investigation by the FBI."

"Under the Wall Street Bail Out plan which Jo Ann Emerson voted for on Monday, those Wall Street gamblers who played it high and loose will get to keep their $300 million dollar yachts, while our citizens in southern Missouri are having to sell their bass boats and are losing their homes. I don’t believe that that is at all fair to the people in the 8th District. I, unlike Jo Ann, have lived in this district all my life. Not many people whom I know, Republican, or, Democrat would think that people who played the Wall Street game and lost should go Scott Free; while the people back here in the 8th District will be forced to pay off the banker’s gambling debts on Wall Street," Allen added.


Robert Goodbody said...


You have to hand it to her, she does the ole shakie hand, meet and greet about the best of anyone on the planet. However, when it comes to her votes, Jo Ann has been a disapointment from the first day she went to Washington directly attached to Bill Emersons burial shroud. (instead of coat tails) Who on earth elects a congressional representative based upon the fact that that person was married to your dead former congressman? The two that I know of, are the 8th District of southern Missouri, and Sonny Bono's (deceased) District in California. That is what I have always hoped that we would aspire to; be in kinship with California.

One of her first votes way back in 1996, was a vote to give $400 MILLION DOLLARS to FAMILY PLANNING in FOREIGN COUNTRIES. I called her office. Her staffer explained to me that I just didn't understand. "You see, the President wanted $600 MILLION... we only gave him $400 MILLION...WE WON!!!!" Call me old fashioned, but I didn't think that giving $400 Million of our tax dollars to foreign family planning schemes was such a great idea, nor, did I consider Jo Ann Emerson's efforts to do so, a "WIN".

Jo Ann has been a big supporter of OPIC. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation which hands out taxpayer dollars to corporations who want to MOVE their factories to Mexico, Communist China, and Communist Vietnam.

Jo Ann loves COMMUNIST CHINA. She is almost passionate about her support for the Communist Chinese, as she has voted for every trade bill, MFN (Most Favored Nation Status) and everything else that has come up to help the Communists at our expense.

She talks about "exports" a lot, but about the only thing that Jo Ann has exported is southern Missouri jobs.

Now, Jo Ann Emerson is behind the biggest SOCIALIST scheme to ever come up in Congress. She wants to bail out the Wall Street bankers who got greedy and gambled with investor money and lost. She wants to pay back the Wall Street bankers and MANY FOREIGN BANKS with our tax dollars. Tax dollars taken by force from the lowly paid and the affluent alike in southern Missouri.

Jo Ann needs to take a break.

JOE ALLEN, the attorney who serves as a prosecuting attorney for Rockaway Beach, has a real chance of unseating Jo Ann. Read Allen's positions and see if you don't agree with many of them. The Allen For Congress website is http://allen4congress.com/

Joe Allen is the best candidate in the race. Just go to his website, read his positions

Joe Allen is a candidate that Democrats, Independents and Republicans are supporting this year. Jo Ann has raised well over a million dollars from out of state lobbyists contributors in an effort to make sure that she and the east coast, globalist wing of the Republican party hold on to this seat. That is why she voted for the bail out of Wall Street. That is where over 50 to 80% of her campaign funds are coming from.

If you take away that 80% that came from fat cats, Wall Street Bankers, and the Insurance lobby, then she would have raised LESS MONEY than JOE ALLEN in the 8th District.

JOE ALLEN.... believe me, it is JOE ALLEN who we want to represent us. http://allen4congress.com/

Robert Goodbody said...

Jo Ann Emerson voted to bail out her greedy investment banker friends on Wall Street, then she left town.

Well, that is not quite true. Emerson did vote to bail out Wall Street greedy investment bankers, and their equally greedy co-conspirators at FOREIGN BANKS, then, she left the COUNTRY...

Yes, Jo Ann Emerson did NOT come back to the 8th Congressional District in southern Missouri and explain her vote to the people who live here, but, instead, she got on a military plane with Ike Skelton, and General Sidwell of the MO NatGuard, (an attorney friend from Sikeston) and flew to Kosovo to see the troops. Wasn't that nice? Just a couple weeks before the election, and I mean IMMEDIATELY after her tradious vote to bail out Wall Street, Jo Ann leaves town fast, intead of facing her angry constitutents back home.

Well, you can't really blame Jo Ann Emerson, this is not her home. She has NEVER made her home in the 8th Congressional District of southern Missouri. She lives in a mansion in Washington, D.C., she has a near mansion home in St. Louis, with her new husband, Ron Gladney, and she has a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, but in the 8th District, she has little more than a mail drop. No wonder she doesn't want to come back and talk to us about her vote, she doesn't consder southern Missouri her home. Southern Missouri is only a base of operations for her to have a seat in Congress.

We need to let Jo Ann Emerson take a break, and enjoy her three homes and her husband in St. Louis.

We can help Jo Ann do that by electing a Congressman who has lived in the 8th all of his life. Joe Allen attended the School of the Ozarks, so he knows hard work. Joe Allen went on to law school in Oklahoma, and then came back here to where his interests are, southern Missouri.

The 2nd Amendment is an issue that is important to us who thought that we were Republicans, until the party seemed to swerve to the east coast left. My great-great-great Uncle was President James Garfield. In 1996, I was a Pat Buchanan delegate to the Mo State Republican Party Convention, here in Springfield.

Joe Allen is 100% supportative of our 2nd Ammendment righs. That is not the only reason that I support Joe Allen over Jo Ann Emerson, but it is of major importance to me.


Linda said...

Joanne may be poplar in Southeast Missouri because she has the farmers fooled. In reality, she will always side with the rich because the Republicans are made up of business people who do not represent the working class people who support the businesses. So really, how can people be so suprised that she voted for the BAILOUT. Jo Ann has done favors for a small few in Missouri but she has done nothing in her whole term to trickle down to all of the Missouri voters. Don't you just hate that word TRICKLE when it is referring to the working class people who are the backbone of the rich in our country. Without us, there would be no rich. When do we get representation?

Robert Goodbody said...


I agree with you, Linda. Jo Ann Emerson not only has southeast Missourians fooled, but she has fooled a lot of good Republicans who live in our district.

Some of these Republicans felt that they had no alternative to vote for in the past. They didn't like much of what Jo Ann Emerson has done in Congress, but they just couldn't vote for the Democrat candidate, either, for one reason, or, another.

I think that in this election, that will all change. Joe Allen is a hard working man. He has many of the attributes that almost all in southeast Missouri admire, especially, Republicans.

That includes Joe's work ethic. Joe Allen worked his way though college at the School of the Ozarks. That is no easy task. I had a good friend, a womens coach from Dexter, who did the same thing, and, believe me, it is not easy at all. It shows that a young man, or, young woman who wants to get ahead, does have opportunity in Missouri, but they are going to have to work hard. They are not burdening their parents with their education bills, they are working them off at the School of the Ozarks. I admire Joe for that. After graduating from there, Joe Allen went on to get his law degree in Oklahoma, and then to return back to where his family, friends and interests are, here in southern Missouri.

Since the age of 8, when I drove my mother crazy, and made my father proud, by walking around the house, saying "I LIKE IKE!", I had considerd myself to be a Republican.

My great-great-great uncle, was President James A. Garfield. Even though my Uncle Howard was a new car dealer, and had plenty of money, my Aunt Margaret was a CLOTH COAT Reublican. They had nothing to do with what we called the ROCKEFELLER Republicans.

I began to exit the Republican Party in 1996, soon after the Missouri GOP Convention held in Springfield. I was a Pat Buchanan delegate. I was surrounded by the new age ROCKEFELLER mindset of the party. It was obvious to me, that they were in control of not only the national party, but the Missouri state Republican party as well.

If Republicans and independents have an opportunity to meet Joe Allen, they like him, because he and his position on the issues are something that Democrats, Republicans and independents in southern Missouri feel comfortable with.

While all of us never agree 100% on every issue, 100% of the time; with Joe we find common ground, because of our common background and from the values we gained from living here in southern Missouri.

A Marine Corps Veteran for JOE ALLEN....


Robert Goodbody said...

Let's not forget in November just who is responsible for forcing us to BAIL OUT FOREIGN BANKERS, and her Wall Street Fat Cat Campaign Contributors... The person I am talking about will never see your post, nor, mine, because she has never lived here in the district that she is suposed to represent.

She lied to a journalist, who has been fair in his coverage of the politics of this region, a reporter who has integrity, yet she lied to Rudi Keller, practically to his face when she said that she voted for the Wall Street Banker Bail Out on Monday, because the section where we would be forced to BAIL OUT FOREIGN BANKERS was taken out of the bill. She lied. It was in the Wall Street Bail Out bill on Monday, and it was in the greatly expanded "PORK FOR ALL" version of the WALL STREET BANKER BAIL OUT BILL that she voted for today.

Of course, I am talk about none other than our carpetbagging little floozy, JO ANN ("THE SNAKE) EMERSON!

I have no problem with telling her to her face, just how I feel, but on Monday, immediately after she voted for the bail out of her Wall Street banker friends and contributors, she got on a plane, and got out of the country in a hurry.

It's hard to catch up with her, because she jets in, does her cutsie little smile, hand shakie thing, snows us with Bull Sh*t, then goes back home to her husband and house in St. Louis.

In November, we can REMEMBER, and give JO ANN "THE SNAKE" EMERSON reason to never return here a few days every two years. We can elect JOE ALLEN, PRO-LIFE and 100% PRO-2nd Amendment. We can give him two years in Washington, to prove that he is actually working for us, and if we aren't satisfied, we can make a change.

If we re-elect "THE SNAKE" we know what she is going to do to us, more of what she did to us last Monday and today. I am tired of us getting a royal scru-ing by this carpetbagger. She needs to get on down the road and find something else to do, like take care of her St. Louis home, and her high dollar hubby.

Let's give JOE ALLEN a chance. He has lived here all his life, worked his way through school at the College of the Ozarks, went on to get a law degree in Oklahoma, then came back to southern Missouri where he still lives. If you have the chance to meet him, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or, Independent, you will like him. He is solid because he has the values of hard work, and good character, values that regardless of your party, we respect and admire.

Give Allen a chance, give Emerson the boot in November.

A US Marine veteran (RVN '68-69)for JOE ALLEN!


Robert Goodbody said...


Oh, yeah, Jo Ann Emerson, who recently betrayed us in bailing out her Wall Street gambling banker friends, and foreign banks, will be on hand at the dedication...

This blot on the Cape Girardeau landscape, cost even more money than originally planned, because after the plans were finanlized, Emerson DEMANDED THAT the ATRIUM BE AIR CONDITIONED.... YES..Emerson, insisted that the atrium, the towering dead space area between the front door of the building, and the inside entrance into the main part of the building be AIR CONDITIONED... now, you see why I have been calling Jo Ann Emerson, "Princess Fluffy."

Yes, I am 100% positive that the reason that the dedication of this monstrosity, is not open to the public is really a "security" concern, as stated in this paragraph from Sunday's article by Rudi Keller in the Southeast Missourian. http://www.semissourian.com/...

"The event, which begins at 10:30 a.m., is limited to those who have received invitations because of considerations of security and parking, said Charlie Cook, spokesman for the U.S. General Services Administration in Kansas City."

The "security" problem, is of course, Jo Ann Emerson, who is being reviled by Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike in the 8th District.

On Saturday, I went to a garage sale in the Ashland Hills area, one of Cape Girardeau's finest subdivisions. Almost every yard had a McCain-Palen sign in it.

At one yard sale, I cautioned a young couple who were pruchasing many items, to not spend all their money. I said, "Jo Ann Emerson needs your money to pay off the gambling debts of her Wall Street greedy banker friends." They nodded in agreement with my speech. The attractive woman who was taking the money turned to speak to me. I thought, oh-oh, I have really made her mad. She said. "DON'T GET ME STARTED....DON'T LET MY HUSBAND HEAR YOU. HE HAS BEEN ON THE COMPUTER ALL MORNING, EMAILING AND TRYING TO CONTACT JO ANN."

This treachery mystifies some of Emerson's most passionate supporters in the past. Many of them are angry and feel betrayed, because they have filtered out all the crap and know excactly what Jo Ann Emerson did to us. She bailed out the Wall Stret bankers who got greedy. It wasn't the mortgage loans that sank them, it was the accounting procedures that they used like "MARK TO MARKET," and CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS."

Emerson LIED TO RUDI KELLER, a respected journalist at the Southeast Missourian, and noted for his fairness. She took advantage of that and lied to him, saying that the reason that she voted on Monday to bail out Wall Street, because the bail out of foreign banks had been removed from the bill. That was an out and out lie.

Respected Republican congressmen held a press conference on Thursday, and stated that they would NOT vote for the new bill on FRIDAY, because it still had the BAIL OUT OF FOREIGN BANKS IN THE BILL, and that nothing had been done about the accounting procedure, MARK TO MARKET, that got the Wall Street pigs in a mess in the first place.

No wonder that Jo Ann Emerson voted to betray us back here in southern Missouri on Monday, walked out of the building and IMMEDIATELY got on a plane and flew out of the country, instead of coming back here... No wonder that the public, who is paying for this new monument to government pork, will NOT be invited to the dedication... it is because of "security". In other words, if we were allowed to attend, some of us just may tell Jo Ann Emerson how we feel, and that might ruin her HAPPY DAY...

We will have a HAPPY DAY, when we send carpetbagging Jo Ann Emerson back to St. Louis to the arms of her Democrat contributing Attorney husband, and their mansion-like home in St. Louis. Maybe then, she will take his name and stop living off the memory of Bill Emerson.

There are other options. One is Brian, and the other is JOE ALLEN... 100% 2nd Amendment and Pro-Life. www.allen4congress.com

We paid for the new federal courthouse, at least they could do is allow us to attend. The fact that they will prevent us from attending for "security" reasons, is just another indication ole Harry Truman's addage, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Well, In that KITCHEN, it is HOT as HELL for JO ANN EMERSON, but, instead of EMERSON getting out of the KITCHEN, they aren't going to let us in to to tell Emerson what we think of her vote of betrayal