Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Haley Barbour Interview

In the first clip, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour makes the case in favor of a federal bailout, citing an example of how the credit crunch is already impacting a business in his homestate.


He seems to paint one of the most vivid pictures of the consequences I've heard . . . Or maybe it's just that swanky southern drawl . . .

In this second clip, we ask how Barbour thinks Congressman and Republican candidate for Governor Kenny Hulshof should handle the bailout situation going forward. Barbour also gives his advice on how to make up ground against Democrat Jay Nixon. Two issues Barbour would target: Taxes & Guns.

In the third clip, Barbour talks about Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin.


"She doesn't have a chip on her shoulder like some women politicians."

"Obviously in a McCain administration she will not have much of a role in foreign policy . . ."

"It is honest to say, though, if I live in the state closest to Russia, I probably have got more sensitivity. I live in a state on the Gulf of Mexico, I got more sensitivity to hurricanes than people in Kansas."

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Robert Goodbody said...

Oh, I remember Haley Barbour all to well from the time before the Republican party became controlled by neocons and went a hard East Coast Republican left.

Barbour was a guest on KZIM 960AM radio in Cape Girardeau. He was defending NAFTA and GATT, the two trade agreements which began the final gutting of the American economy, and put us on a track to become a third world country.

That was several years ago, but his words are seared into my brain. I shall never forget them. When a caller challenged him on his adamant support of NAFTA.. Barbour replied..."Listen, these people have to understand that they agreements are important. If it takes THEM GIVING UP RIGHTS to get these agreements, then, they are going to have to GIVE UP RIGHTS!"

I knew that the Republican Party that Haley Barbour belonged to, was a radically different from the Republican Party of my father, and not the same Republican Party that, as a HS sophmore, led me to try to put (Barry) "GOLDWATER 64" bumper stickers on cars in 99% Democratic Ripley County back in 1964.

I know that some Republicans in southern Missouri have had thoughts from time to time that something was wrong with either Jo Ann Emerson, or, that they couldn't understand why Republicans in Washington spending like nobody's business, and growing the debt and the size of government like never before. I went through that. I consider myself to be independent, but this election, I am fully in support of Joe Allen for Congress.

The 8th Congressional District needs Joe. The other "Jo", can just GO.