Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Notable Filings

Again, no real surprises on the first day of filing, but here are some notable items and other things to keep your eye on:
  • A Springfieldian has entered the Lieutenant Governor's race. Libertarian Teddy Fleck has filed in a race that features incumbent Peter Kinder and Democratic challenger Sam Page. Looks like this is Fleck's website. In 2000, Fleck ran for State House in the #138th district. Fleck opposes abortion, toll roads and new taxes. He supports school choice and medical marijuana.
  • None of the candidates for State Treasurer (so far) are from anywhere near the Ozarks. Didn't anyone see a regional opening down here? It's likely that regular voters won't know much about any of candidates running, and it could be hard for an unknown Treasurer candidate from any party to get much attention down here in this overloaded political year.
  • Rep. Roy Blunt already has four opponents lined up against him. Three Democrats have filed for the 7th District Congressional Seat. Richard Monroe is the eyebrow raiser here, because he's a former Assistant U.S. Attorney. That probably means he's serious, and not just doing this because he's got free time. Tharon Chandler has a website up and running, and he's apparently looking for a lovely lady to lay on the beach with him. But seriously, where's Midge Potts this time? The 7th would be an uphill battle for any Democrat. But Rep. Blunt hasn't filed yet. I'm not saying anything, but remember, this has been a strange year.
  • Joe Allen of Forsyth is the sole Democrat to file for Missouri's 8th District seat, currently held by Rep. Jo Ann Emerson. He's got a website up, but no platform.
  • 62nd District Representative Dennis Wood officially has a primary opponent in Jeff Justus. Also earning primary opponents were, Rep. Don Ruzicka in Mount Vernon. Former Pierce City Mayor Mark Peters is challenging Ruzicka on the Republican side. In the 134th legislative district, Rep. Jim Viebrock has another primary challenger. Not the Mayor of Republic this time, but Brookline Station's Mark Stuppy. If it's the one I found in the Yellow Pages, he's a Doctor. In Springfield's #135th, Jim Palmisano is challenging Rep. Charlie Denison in the G.O.P. primary. Palmisano was/is a major Ron Paul backer. Democrat Nancy Hagan didn't waste anytime at a second crack at Denison. Eric Burlison is the lone G.O.P. filer for Rep. B.J. Marsh's seat so far. I hear the Dems have a Missouri State University professor as their #136th candidate, but he hasn't filed yet. Republican Ron Day is taking a crack at Rep. Charlie Norr. But party heavyweights Sara Lampe and Bob Dixon have no opponents, at least on the first day.

Again, that full list can be found HERE.

And if anyone knows anything more about the new filers, please do share . . .


Matt said...

Your comment about Tharon Chandler didn't make any sense until I clicked on the link...all I can say is thanks for the laugh of the day!

Sometimes, you can't even make this stuff up...

maire said...


I just about fell on the floor LMAO at Mr Tharon Chandler's website. Seriously, the guy's a college graduate? Heard of spellcheck? And seriously, what is up with looking for a woman to hook up with on beach?? On your campaign website??? And for reasons unknown we Missourians think we get a bad rap for being country....

Midge for Congress said...

Don't worry... I am paying attention!