Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Naming Names . . . and Numbers

in the G.O.P. primary for Governor
Hulshof's donations are bigger, but Steelman nets more
Fmr. State Party Chair gives to Hulshof
But Steelman Wins "The Bachelor"

Sarah Steelman narrowly outraised Kenny Hulshof in the KY3 News viewing area during the first campaign fundraising quarter of the year -- but that's only if you include a $13,000 donation from a Phelps County Republican committee.

Remove that large committee donation to Steelman and Hulshof outraised the State Treasurer in the Ozarks by roughly $10,000 dollars. The KY3 viewing area runs roughly from Dade County east to Phelps County, as far north as Camden County and as far south as the Arkansas stateline.

An analysis of reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission Tuesday show Hulshof pulling in approximately $79,600 from Ozarks residents and Steelman taking in about $82,381 in southwest Missouri.

Overall, Hulshof's donations were much larger, with at least 47 contributors giving $1,350. The contributions Steelman received were much smaller, including many donations of $10, $50 and $250.

A close look at individual donors also revealed which prominent Republicans are taking interest in a particular candidate and choosing to pick sides. Donations don't always mean explicit endorsements, but my analysis didn't reveal many contributors that were double-dipping and giving to both Steelman and Hulshof.

Hulshof was powered with big donations by the Loren Cook family, $1,350 from Integrity Home Care and former state Republican Party Chair Tom Fowler ($1,350). Peggy Kubicek, who runs the Greater Ozarks Pachyderm Club, gave Hulshof $250. Springfield plastic surgeon Keith LaFerriere, a former Matt Blunt contributor, donated $1,350 to Hulshof. Willard state committeeman Darrell Proctor also gave Hulshof $1,350.

Steelman's donations include $200 from high-profile doctor and lawyer Brad Bradshaw and $1,350 from attorney Aaron Sachs. The Bruer & Woodell law firm, which just held a gathering for Democratic candidate for Treasurer Andria Simckes, gave Steelman $1,350. The Corbett Law Firm, Palmer Oliver, The Morrissey Law Firm and Newman Law Firm are among the local trial attorneys throwing Steelman cash. Attorney Steve Garner of The Strong Law Firm also gave Steelman $1,350.

Springfield resident Max Deforest, who gave Gov. Blunt $925 over the past year, dished out $50 to Steelman. Longtime G.O.P. party organizer Thelma Neff also fell into Steelman's camp, with a $200 donation. Bill Owen of the #139th legislative district, also gave Steelman $250. Greene County Republican Chair and County Auditor Cindy Stein gave $500 to Steelman, and city councilman John Wylie is on record with a $20 contribution for Steelman.

The biggest celebrity snag of the 1st quarter here in the Ozarks goes to Steelman. She snagged Aaron Buerge of "The Bachelor" fame. He donated $1,350 to Steelman's campaign.


Ruth said...

Hulshof received $13,450 from the St. Louis County Central committee.

Why did KY3 highlight that Steelman got a large sum from the Phelps Co. Republicans, but not other large contributions--made to either candidate-- from the Republican committees around the state?

David Catanese said...


This post specifically focused only on contributions within the KY3-Ozarks viewing area. That's why I did not go inside the other large committee contributions.