Friday, January 18, 2008

Obama Makes 1st Ad Buy in Missouri

"It was not an afterthought . . . it's an important part of the strategy."
You'll soon start seeing a lot more of Barack Obama in your living room.

The Obama campaign in Missouri announced a major television advertising buy in the Show-Me-State Friday morning that will blanket St. Louis and Kansas City -- as well as rural markets like Columbia and Springfield.

Obama supporter Sen. Claire McCaskill called it "a substantial buy" in the Springfield area during a conference call Friday morning with reporters. "It was not an afterthought," McCaskill said of the decision to run ads in Southwest Missouri. "It's an important part of the strategy."

The ads will hit the air Saturday. WATCH THE AD HERE.

"People want change in every nook and cranny of Missouri," McCaskill added.

The ad will focus on the issue of healthcare. McCaskill said the topic of healthcare was chosen because "people in Missouri are ready to take a pitchfork" about the rising cost. Specifics on the size of the buy were not available in the conference call with McCaskill, and State Auditor Susan Montee. Details are forthcoming, but McCaskill promised "people will see these ads a number of times in the next few weeks."

"The Obama camp was the first in the state to have offices and staffers, and now it's the first to start running ads as well," noted Montee.

Both John Edwards and Hillary Clinton are making visits to St. Louis Saturday. The Obama campaign has not yet announced a visit, but McCaskill promised reporters he'd be here.

"If Barack Obama does not appear in Missouri between now and February 5th, I'll buy everyone on this call dinner," McCaskill said.

Duly noted, Senator:)

Make sure to check back here in a bit to see the ad Obama will be running.


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