Thursday, January 17, 2008

Presidential Ground Game Is On In The Ozarks

"Everybody knows the Obama campaign is more technically savvy."
Springfield supporters of Hillary Clinton worked the phones for their candidate at an office suite Thursday night, dialing supporters in Nevada and South Carolina.

Or at least they tried.

Watch my KY3 News @ 10 story HERE.

About a dozen supporters encountered jammed lines and had trouble getting through to supporters in upcoming primary states.

The technical trouble lead former Democratic Party State Chair Joe Carmichael to poke some fun at the Clinton camp. "Everybody knows the Obama campaign is more technically sound, so I'm not surprised," Carmichael said, chuckling.

While the presidential contenders are focused like lasers on upcoming primary states like Nevada and South Carolina, the work on the ground here in Missouri is well underway.

That's because in less than 3-weeks, Missouri and Arkansas voters will cast ballots in what's known as Super Tuesday -- the single biggest day of primaries this election season. But because the candidates can't be everywhere themselves -- they are largely depending on volunteers, state leaders and the Internet to spread their message for them.

The Obama campaign plans to do door-to-door canvass in Springfield on Saturday. The Clinton campaign is planning a similar event in the future. The Obama camp boasts 12 field directors statewide, including one in Springfield. The Clinton campaign does not yet have a field director in the Queen City.

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