Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Would Huckabee vs. Obama Be Best for America?

Are they for real, or are voters just flirting with a dream?
Will attacks sink "sunny" Huck, "fresh" Barack?
Mike Huckabee is showing more momentum in two national poll released Monday. The former Arkansas Governor is now second to Rudy Giuliani in the New York Times-CBS poll and the CNN poll. While he still trails nationally by double-digits, a batch of early-state polls show Barack Obama closing in on Hillary Clinton in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.
There are too many questions to ponder here. Is Mike Huckabee a rational nominee for the Republican party or will he just become an Iowa fluke? Mitt Romney seems not to be taking any chances, launching a negative television ad in the Hawkeye State that takes on Huckabee on immigration. But with polls showing Rudy Giuliani remaining the "most electable" candidate, will the G.O.P. be willing to take the risk with Huckabee -- or will they revert to establishment status -- and back a better-financed, household name?
The Oprah impact still has the punditry puzzled. Celebrity endorsements don't matter. But Oprah is no simple celebrity? And look at those crowds. 66-thousand in 3 states. They are trying to turn them into voters, but will they pick themselves off the couch to caucus? Remember these polls were before the 'O impact. And now there's more evidence the Clinton camp is nervous, and digging for dirt. Next week's polls will be more fun to watch.
Here's a thought: Remember the theory that the candidate with the sun in his face always wins in the end. On both sides, it seems that Huckabee and Obama are probably the sunniest, most optimistic and genuine candidates respectively. Hillary and Rudy are known for being tough, hard, maybe competent -- but are those the most important characteristics this year? Or will people dare to vote for HOPE . . . on both sides. No matter which side you favor, imagine the type of campaign that would be waged between Hillary and Rudy. Then, imagine a campaign between Huckabee and Obama. Which would be more positive? More uplifting? Which would be better for the country? Which one do you want?

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