Monday, December 10, 2007

Blunt to Dems: Pass Troop Funding, Spending Bills

Troop Funding Without Restrictions
Unnecessary Spending Cut
Rep. Roy Blunt issued two challenges to the Democratic-controlled Congress as they returned to Washington for their final days of this year's session. He said they should pass a troop funding bill without restrictions or unnecessary spending. He also said the Democratic leadership should work to pass appropriations bills without the billions that were not requested.
"The most important of these priorities is delivering our servicemen and women overseas the resources and support they need to be successful --without unrelated spending, and without new restrictions that run counter to their mission," Blunt said Monday. "All we've seen this session is legislation that satisfies the majority's perceived political needs first, instead of the real and growing needs of our troops in the field," Blunt said.
"The other critical job facing this Congress this month is among its most fundamental: passing the annual appropriations bills that allow our government to operate. Democrats' first stab at that task produced a series of spending bills that sought to dole out billions more than was requested. Now comes word they'd like to 'split to difference' on their reckless spending agenda with Republicans -- between the $22 billion of unnecessary spending suggested by them, and the zero dollars in unrequested funding suggested by us. And though this half-hearted deal represents a rare admission of recklessness by Democrats when it comes to spending the taxpayers' money, they still have a long way to go before these spendthrift appropriations bills have a shot at becoming law," Blunt added.

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