Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"The Forgotten War" in Afghanistan

Rep. Skelton Concerned About Troop Levels
At a Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday, Rep. Ike Skelton expressed concern about the rise in violence in Afghanistan and called it "the forgotten war."
"I have a real concern that given our preoccupation in Iraq, we have not devoted sufficient troops and funding to Afghanistan to ensure the success of that mission," said Skelton, the chairman of the House committee.
"Afghanistan has been the forgotten war," he added.
But the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff took issue with that description.
"I understand the sentiment but it is not forgotten, sir -- not by me and not by any of the Joint Chiefs," Adm. Mike Mullen said.
In opening remarks at the hearing Skelton also said NATO allies must do more to help in Afghanistan. Skelton said U.S. intelligence agencies have cautioned that if current trends hold, the Afghanistan campaign faces the risk of "a looming strategic failure."

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