Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't Buy The Polls Or The Drudge Bomb

If you've been watching the Drudge Report the last week, you know someone feeding Drudge his stuff is desperately out to derail Mike Huckabee's campaign for president.

Today, the king of the Interweb is out with a bomb that questions Huckabee's electability in the general election.

DEMS HOLD FIRE ON HUCKABEE -- SEE "EASY KILL" IN GENERAL ELECTION . . . blasts the headline. It goes on to quote a Democrat saying "He'll easily be their McGovern."

On top of all this, CNN is out with a batch of new polling that shows Huckabee losing to all three top Democratic candidates by double-digits. He loses to Hillary by 10 points, Obama by 15 points and Edwards by a whopping 25 points.

Buyin' this yet? You shouldn't be.

Just over a month ago, Huckabee was in single digits in some polls. A few months back, he was lagging well behind in Iowa, dependent on a respectable "straw poll" finish to stay viable. He now has to be considered one of the G.O.P. frontrunners.

The bottom line is: there's lots of reasons to vote for or against ALL of the candidates running for president, including Huckabee. Read his immigration plan. Take a look at the judgement decisions he made as Governor regarding parolees and gifts. What about that comment on AIDS . . . does it disturb you?

But if you're looking at national polls to gauge Huckabee's electability this far out, you haven't yet learned the lesson: A heckuva lot can change real quickly.

And if anyone believes John Edwards or anyone is going to be Huckabee or anyone else by 25 points next November . . . . well, you probably don't even have the money for the bridge I was gonna sell you.

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Busplunge said...

What Drudge is trying to do to Huckabee, Andrew Sullivan is trying to do to Hilary.