Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Homework

Last Face-Off Before Iowa
@ 1 P.M on Cable Nets
The Des Moines Register Republican debate will be held in Johnson, Iowa today. The Register's Carolyn Washburn will moderate. You haven't heard of her. But she's got a rep of being diligent, pointed and tough. Let's hope so. FOX News, CNN, MSNBC and C-SPAN will all broadcast the festivities. It's the last throw down before the Iowa caucuses. So eat your vegetables and watch the whole thing. (Then report back here, I'll be traveling.)

Mike Huckabee will be attacked. The question is, by who? And how often?

Illegal immigration
is the top issue in Iowa. Mitt Romney knows the score and he's losing. Look for him to make distinctions with Huckabee on that hot-button issue. But expect Huckabee to have a ringer in his pocket to volley back.

Will Rudy be nice to Huck? He passed on an opportunity to bash him on Meet The Press. The guess is Fred won't be. The dirty secret is that Thompson really may have more riding on this encounter than anyone else. Time to make your move, lazy fox. Or is it too late? Iran intelligence, ethics charges, AIDS and parole policy could all be fodder for rivals to Huckabee. What will they touch? Can he weather the storm?

It's game-time folks.

PS: The Dems do the same thing at the same time Thursday.

***ALSO . . . I'll be traveling the next 3 days, so blogging will be light or postponed.

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