Thursday, December 06, 2007

McCaskill Responds to My Response to Sloca, Who Has Another Question for Claire

Sen. Claire McCaskill's office responded Thursday to recent Republican attacks over her opposing federal earmarks, including one that could aid anti-meth efforts in Missouri.

Read background on the tit for tat HERE.

"You should know that Claire has fought in the senate to fully fund the Community Oriented Policing program (COPS) and the Byrne Grant program, which both go to states like Missouri to fund drug task forces and meth," said spokeswoman Adrianne Marsh. "In fact, our study of the earmarking indicates that the rise in the number earmarks in the Byrne program actually takes funding away from the broader program and makes the overall objective harder to achieve," she added.

"Essentially earmarks are hurting the law enforcement and anti meth programs in this country," Marsh said.

But now G.O.P. spokesman Paul Sloca asks in an e-mail: "Simple question for the Claire McCaskill….Explain your caucus’ budget work."

Then, he provides this link:

McCaskill's response to the response to the response . . . pending . . .

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