Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Schweich Explains Fundraising Advantage

Republican candidate for Auditor Tom Schweich says his fundraising advantage over Rep. Allen Icet is fueled by "rank and file Republicans. But Icet says it's due to former Sen. John Danforth's rolodex.
"It's not coming from PACs, it's not coming from other politicians like some of my competitors. It's coming from rank and file Republicans," said Schweich.
"One of his main assets, if you will, is John Danforth," responded Icet. "Sen. Danforth has a great rolodex."
BOTH Schweich and Icet have been concentrating their efforts on Springfield. Schweich said he's been to the Queen City between 10 and 15 times already. Icet said he's been to Springfield as many as three times in one week.

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