Thursday, November 08, 2007

Zogby Iowa: Dem Race Tightens with 2nd Choice

The latest poll out of Iowa shows the race tightening on the Democratic side, and when voters' second-choice is included the field gets even tighter.

Hillary Clinton 28%
Barack Obama 25%
John Edwards 21%

A critical wrinkle on the Democratic side is the fact that after the first round of "balloting" is conducted, those candidates who do not win at least 15% support are ruled “unviable” and supporters are directed to a second choice. (The Republicans don't do it this way.)

Having seen this process in person back in 2004, it's pretty wild. After lower-tier candidates missed the 15% mark, the fight was on for their support. For instance back in '04, Edwards voters were shouting with Kerry voters to win Kucinich supporters votes. Quite the scene.

Zogby polling released this week shows Edwards makes big strides as a second–choice candidate, jumping six percent.

Here's the polling with 2nd choices included:

IOWA DEMS (2nd choice)
Hillary Clinton 30%
Barack Obama 29%
John Edwards 27%

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