Monday, December 14, 2009

Davis Drops Auditor Speculation, Backs Icet


Republican State Representative Cynthia Davis announced Monday she is passing on a bid for State Auditor and endorsing her House colleague Rep. Allen Icet in his 2010 campaign.

Davis also questioned the "conservative credentials" of Icet's GOP rival for the nomination, Tom Schweich, and suggested the former U.S. ambassador is running for office in the wrong party.

"Allen is the best candidate Missourians could ask for in a State Auditor. Not only is Allen a proven fiscal conservative, but he is the only candidate who has experience in balancing a state budget," Davis said in a statement first obtained by The Notebook.

Davis also took a swipe at Schweich for his ties to Washington and for making a past campaign donation to the auditor campaign of Democrat Claire McCaskill. When Schweich flirted with a U.S. Senate run earlier this year, allies to Congressman Roy Blunt floated the same attack against Schweich to degrade his credibility within the party.

"I don't understand how Republican voters could support someone who came out of the bureaucratic morass of Washington, D.C. where Schweich has been for many years before showing up expecting to be anointed to win a statewide office," Davis said.

"Worse, he expects Missouri Republicans to support him, when he donated money to and supported Democrat Claire McCaskill and praised President Obama for choosing what Schweich called 'an all-star cabinet.' Given Schweich's support for the president and Claire McCaskill, he might have been more comfortable filing in the Democratic primary," Davis said.

In a brief phone conversation, Schweich said twice he had no comment on any of Davis' remarks.

Icet and Schweich are in the middle of a heated primary battle which has divided the establishment ranks of the Missouri Republican Party. While Icet is backed by most of his colleagues in the State House, Schweich has picked up some endorsements from GOP Senators and is backed by Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and former U.S. Senator Jack Danforth.

Schweich has also racked up a commanding fundraising advantage over Icet, but recently rubbed some in his party the wrong way by sending unclear signals about whether he would fill out a full term if elected.

With her announcement, Davis ended any speculation about her own intentions to run for statewide office in 2010.

"I plan on being a candidate in 2010, but not for Missouri State Auditor," Davis said.

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Waker Upper said...

Speaking of "coming out of the bureaucratic morass of Washington, D.C.", the GOP and many Missouri representatives endorsed of all people....Roy Blunt.

Blunt voted for the 2008 bailout, has continuously voted to increase the size and scope of the federal government, and recently voted for more of our tax money to go to the "Clunkers" program.

Obviously, members of the party don't quite "get it" yet. Bureaucrats who vote against conservative values are NOT WELCOME.

Blunt's voting record totally LOSES. Unfortunately, we'll be stuck with Carnahan.