Monday, December 14, 2009

Bond Says He Would Have Voted For Omnibus

Senator Kit Bond said he would have voted for the $1.1 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill that most Republicans opposed this weekend.
In a telephone interview, Bond said he didn't make this weekend's vote because he had two meetings set up with Venture Capital regarding renewable fuel projects in Missouri. "There's some people who want to stay in Washington week after week after week and Harry Reid apparently doesn't want to go back to Nevada," Bond said.
He added that although he wasn't there, he "supported it and obviously the Democrats had the vote to pass it."
Asked about the 10 percent spending increase for state agencies, Bond said: "I voted against the budget resolution which put that money in, but once we have the budget resolution, we work with what we have."
Bond communication director Shana Marchio explained that the Senator opposed the Senate Budget Resolution that "set the increases for government spending." "It's the budget resolution that determines the overall amount Congress can spend. After the budget resolution passes, the Appropriations Chairmen then allocate that amount by spending subcommittee," Marchio explained.
HERE is the vote Marchio is referring to.

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