Friday, November 20, 2009

PPP Poll: Matt Blunt Could Hurt Dad's U.S. Senate Chances

Matt Blunt is Missouri's least popular Governor during the past 25 years, and voters could hold that against his father in the 2010 election cycle, according to a new survey by Public Policy Polling.

A survey of the state's Governors found that just 29 percent of respondents chose Matt Blunt as their favorite state leader.

Blunt's father, Congressman Roy Blunt will likely face another candidate with a family legacy, Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, next year in nationally tracked race for U.S. Senate.

But Carnahan appears to have a leg up on genetic coattails.

Former Gov. Mel Carnahan, Robin's father, was chosen by 32 percent of respondents as their favorite. Only former Gov. John Ashcroft is more popular, according to the survey.

"Matt Blunt clearly was not a popular Governor, and that could hurt his father next year. Carnahan's father on the other hand seems to be generally well remembered. It will be interesting to see how much those things matter next year in a race that's likely to be closely contested," writes PPP in a blog entry.
UPDATED @ 9:29 PM: Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer called the data "highly misleading."
"The poll shows Governor Blunt is Missouri's third most popular governor and conservative icon John Ashcroft is the most popular governor. The fact that a Democrat poll finds John Ashcroft is the most popular governor ought to be concerning to Democrats," said Chrismer.

A poll released earlier this week showed Carnahan with a statistically insignificant one-point lead over Blunt in the race for U.S. Senate.

Meanwhile, 42 percent approve of the job Gov. Jay Nixon is doing, according to a separate poll taken.

"In a time when the popularity of many chief executives across the country is tanking, those are very solid numbers. Nixon is one of only four Governors PPP has polled on all year with a disapproval rating under 30% (the others being Jack Markell of Delaware, Mike Beebe of Arkansas, and Pat Quinn of Illinois," writes PPP in a blog entry.

"The 33% of voters with no opinion of him is unusually high though, an indication that he may need to do more to step up his visibility across the state," PPP writes.

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