Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Begala Urged Sowers Against Challenging Emerson

"He awakens the idealist in me"
Democratic strategist Paul Begala wrote Wednesday that he tried to talk Tommy Sowers out of a run for Congress against Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.
"The district, I said, is too Republican, and the election cycle too challenging. Tommy would have none of it. This is his home, he said, and this is his duty," wrote Begala in a piece for The Huffington Post.
But Begala also calls the Democratic candidate a hero, who has a chance at turning "this reddest of districts blue."
Begala also suggests a challenge from the right could present problems for Emerson.
"What gives the race national implications is the threat that Emerson may be Scozzafava'ed. Bob Parker, a farmer and Ron Paul-style right-winger, is challenging Emerson in the GOP primary. Would it be too much to ask Lardbutt Limbaugh to come home and campaign for Parker? Or how about Sarah Palin?," wrote Begala.


MikeG said...

For 1/3 of the article centered around Bob Parker you'd think he'd at least get a tag on the article too...

Lewis said...

First, anyone who uses such rude terms as "Lardbutt Limbaugh" shouldn't be taken seriously.
Second, does anyone know anything about Sowers? What are his positions on the issues? The only thing I know about him is that he has raised a lot of money from out of state military people who have no interest in Missouri's 8th district, but for some reason they really want him in congress. Also, from his 'Linkedup' page, Sowers is a member of the Council on Foreign relations, a group of "elites" who promote a "new world order" under the authority of the UN.
This is not good.
Meanwhile, Emerson, who has been in office for some 14 years now and hasn't accomplished anything other than toeing the big government line with her pro-bailout and tax money for clunkers votes, is a front runner in the race to socialism.
Parker, however, is a solid conservative which is exactly what all the people who showed up at the TEA parties, Cap & Tax protests, Health Control town halls, and 10th Amendment rallies are demanding.
Our three choices here are an incumbent who has proved to be a failure, a candidate who we know nothing about exept what to me are warning flags, or a man of conservative values who isn't being bought and paid for by outside interests.