Friday, October 16, 2009

Hartzler Keeps Pace With Stouffer . . . With A Loan

Boosted by $105,000 personal loan, former State Representative Vicky Hartzler reported a higher total than State Sen. Bill Stouffer during their first head-to-head fundraising quarter in the 4th District GOP primary contest.

Hartzler reported raising $221,969 compared to Stouffer's $203,335.

But Stouffer raised more money from individual contributors and put together a respectable first full quarter of fundraising.

Hartzler loaned herself $5,000 on July 17th and $100,000 on September 29th.

That lead to Hartzler being able to report more cash on hand to spend. She has $210,692, while Stouffer holds $200,109. Hartzler spent $13,676; Stouffer spent only $3,326.
Stouffer's campaign pointed out that he's only been raising money for six full weeks, "roughly half of the available time in the 3rd financial quarter." "Senator Stouffer raised more money in six weeks than the combined first quarter results of all of Ike Skelton's 17 past opponents covering a period of over 33 years and more money in six weeks than all of Skelton's opponents raised for their campaigns combined in the last 13 years," said spokesman Christian Morgan in a statement.

Hartzler's campaign said they've been fundraising for five weeks and received contributions from 311 people.


STOUFFER DONORS: Doug Albrecht ($1000), Peter Herschend of Branson ($250), Gordon Kinne of Springfield's Med-Pay ($1000)
HARTZLER DONORS: Jerry Hall of Jack Henry ($4800), Peter Herschend of Branson ($1000), Sen. Delbert Scott ($100)


ASloan said...

My God, Vicky. Will you please get out of the Primary already? Even with your loan, you're going to be out-spent 2 to 1, lose the election, and in the process, going to screw our chance at beating Ike. Take one for the team and take a hike.

Brent said...

I do not know who ASloan is, but they sure act afraid of Hartzler staying in the race. It is nearly laughable. Ike is not in the primary so she is not going to knock out anyone--except a weaker, less electable Bill Stouffer. Fear is not a becoming trait, ASloan, I hope that Stouffer does not share that whiney trait with you.

Christie said...

All others need to stand back and let Vicky take the lead. Her primary opposition has raised taxes in the past which is not popular with people, as evidenced by the many T.E.A. Parties being held. It's never in a Republican's best interest to raise taxes and claim to be a fiscal conservative. People see through that quickly. Vicky has a greater grass roots campaign going as many more people are giving money and haven't "maxed" out their amount of allowed campaign contributions for an election cycle. Her opponent's supporters have maxed out on their giving and can't give will he raise more money? Certainly not from his brother.....

Landon said...

Bill is a far weaker canidate compared to Vicky. Not only do statistics prove it but when one of bills bible study members support Vicky...You know whose got the uper hand.

savvy_cowgirl said...

My Goodness! It must be nice to have a crystal ball and know the outcome of a race so soon. I bet you do very well in the market & on horse races! But, what if, just supposing you are wrong. Perhaps people have had enough of squishy Republicans. I've heard that's why they stayed home in droves for McCain. I think people are sick & tired of those claiming to be conservatives that vote for all the tax increases, and even propose them. I think Vicky stands an excellent chance of giving Mr. Skelton his much needed walking papers.
The hysterical tone of the post is pretty interesting though. Is that you Rahm?? Posting to try to keep Skelton on the Obama team? Crisis, catastrophe!