Friday, October 16, 2009

Stouffer For Skelton

The brother of Sen. Bill Stouffer donated $200 to Congressman Ike Skelton's re-election campaign just last month, according to third quarter campaign finance reports published Thursday.

Saline County prosecutor Donald Stouffer of Marshall, Mo. donated $200 to Skelton on Sept. 4th, according to Skelton's campaign finance report. Don is the brother of Bill Stouffer, one of several candidates running for the GOP nomination to challenge Skelton in 2010.

Just three days ago, Skelton met with local law enforcement officials in Saline County, according to The Marshall-Democrat News.

The article states that Skelton spent most of his time listening to policing difficulties. Don Stouffer talked about one individual who was in America illegally, but served as a helpful interpreter to police.

"What really bothers me is that we had this individual who was helping law enforcement, serving free as an interpreter, . . . was a good citizen, had be been a citizen, and they went after him, but we have people that commit crimes, and they won't come get them. There's an inconsistency there that I can't begin to explain," Stouffer said in the piece.

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