Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skelton: Public Option Not Necessarily Required

Congressman Ike Skelton tells The Notebook that a public healthcare option is not necessarily required in order to attain significant reform of the system.

Asked if Democrats will ultimately get a bill, Skelton replied, "sooner or later."


The 17-term Democrat, who is being targeted by Missouri Republicans in 2010, also dismissed concerns that he's not holding townhall meetings during the August recess.

"If you stay close to the people, which I do, people stay close to me," Skelton said. "I'm more concerned about getting a civil dialogue. It's a very complicated issue," he added, referring to healthcare.

"I talk to people all the time, small groups, large groups. We don't call them town hall meetings, but we're literally all over the place," Skelton said.
Here's coverage from The Richmond Daily News about a recent Skelton meeting.

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Caleb Harris said...

All over the place? Funny the only time I have seen him is on the internet and C-Span...