Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama Lands 55% Missouri Approval in July

55% of Missourians approved of the job President Barack Obama was doing in July, according to the latest SurveyUSA tracking poll.
That's actually UP 4 points from June.
The poll was taken July 17th-19th with a 4% margin of error. The poll samples Democrats as 41% of the electorate and Republicans just 27%.
In Southwest Missouri, just 43% approved of Obama but his approval rating was actually lower in Southeast Missouri, where it sat at 32%.
Sen. Kit Bond: 53% job approval (DOWN 2 points from June)
Sen. Claire McCaskill 47% job approval (DOWN 5 points from June)
Bond's stability comes from splitting both Democrats and independents; McCaskill suffers the perils of being considered a moderate -- She wins 24% of Republicans, but only 69% of Democrats. She lost independents 39%-55%.
In Southwest Missouri, Bond's approval rating (46%) is just 3 points higher than McCaskill's (43%).

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