Sunday, November 04, 2007

Take This Test

One year from the 2008 presidential election, are you settled on your candidate?

From Minnesota Public Radio comes a survey to determine who you should vote for for President of the United States . . . It asks you questions on everything from Iraq, to taxes to mortgage policy. It provides detailed answers for you to select.

When you're done, it provides you with the candidate who best matches up with your answers.

It's pretty sweet, and your candidate might surprise you.

I'd tell you who I matched up with but I'd have to . . . .

Other musings . . .

Was this the week that will be remembered as the turning point for the Democratic nomination? Or is Hillary Clinton's lead too big to burst? Her nuanced position on driver's licenses for illegal immigrants gave John Edwards the opening to sharpen his attack on her that since she stands for everything, she really stands for nothing. Will Edwards be the last one standing against Clinton? I think this "Politics of Parsing" video by the Edwards camp has made the best case against Clinton yet.

Early reviews say that Fred Thompson passed his test on Meet the Press this morning. He made clear he wouldn't push for the criminalization of abortion in the United States (i.e. putting women in jail) but said he would prefer returning to the era pre-Roe v. Wade. Conservatives are grumbling about Russert's tough questioning, just as Clinton's camp was earlier in the week. He's doing his job folks, and we're all better served for it.

I don't usually post national polls here, because it's not how we elect a president. But there's notable movement for John McCain in a Washington Post/ABC News poll out today. He's in second place behind national frontrunner Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani 33%, McCain 19%. Huckabee checks in at 9%. Can McCain shock the world with another upset in New Hampshire?

Who is the leader of the Republican party in Missouri? Matt Blunt or Kit Bond? The buzz in some Republican circles these days is that Blunt and Bond's dueling endorsements of the two top rivals for the G.O.P. nomination could ultimately answer that question -- much earlier than either of them face re-election. Blunt's with Romney, Bond's with Giuliani. Some local Republicans speculate Bond's recent move to bulk up his political operation in the state means he's putting his own credibility on the line with his support of Giuliani. Who's got more clout to organize and rally the G.O.P. faithful for their candidate? We'll find out February 5th.


Matt said...

I scored 1) Duncan Hunter 2) Fred Thompson 3) Tom Tancredo

Thompson did well on MTP. More of that Fred Thompson, and the GOP has a two candidate race between Rudy and Fred.

boyd said...

Interesting test, I got Ron Paul first and Joe Biden second. Looks like I won't be getting a candidate that thinks like I do, because neither of these two will win anything. My third option was Huckleberry.

Larry Litle said...


Great link to the test. I am going to use it on my blog and give you credit.

Paul Seale said...

21 - Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter.

20 - John McCain

18 - Huckster

15 - Giuliani / Romney

Here is a shocker, Edwards scored two points with me while Hillary recieved the big goose egg.

That said, the poll didnt ask any questions about gun control. Nice to see that core issue for many of us burried.

Good find, Dave. Very entertaining.