Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forget The Fair

Both GOP candidates for state auditor were in Springfield this week courting support.
Rep. Allen Icet was in Springfield Thursday night, attending an event for Springfield Rep. Eric Burlison; Tom Schweich was here Tuesday night courting potential fundraisers.
Icet was a guest at a "thank-you" barbeque for Burlison's supporters at the Executive Conference Center. Schweich was spotted at Metropolitan Grill, where he was hobnobbing with local GOPers.
Most House Republicans have lined up behind Icet, who is the Budget Chair. But after dropping a challenge to Roy Blunt in the U.S. Senate contest, Schweich was able to negotiate the support of Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. Schweich is now seen as a real contender because of his fundraising ability. And the 2010 GOP primary for auditor is viewed as a test of Kinder's political muscle and sway as a new leader of a party trying to regroup and rebuild itself.

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