Saturday, July 04, 2009

Schweich Touts Establishment Encouragement in Ramp Up for Auditor Campaign

In the strongest signal yet he'll launch a bid for auditor, former U.S. ambassador Tom Schweich is signaling to Republicans across the state that he has the quiet support of top GOP officeholders for a statewide campaign.
In an e-mail forwarded to Republicans by Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, obtained by The Notebook, Schweich outlines six principals he'd follow as an auditor while also making a pitch for his electability.

"I am clearly the best candidate to win statewide in November. But I need your support to get there. I am asking for your assistance and endorsement for my campaign for Missouri State Auditor," Schweich writes.

Schweich also notably touts support from the upper echelon of the Missouri Republican Party. "The reception I have received so far shows my message of experience and integrity is connecting with Missourians. I already have received encouragement from Sen. Kit Bond, Congressman Roy Blunt, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and many other well-known Missouri Republicans," Schweich goes on.

Schweich said he has the following six traits needed to be an effective auditor: fiscal conservatism, legal experience, investigative experience, audit experience, management experience and impartiality.

"I am a fiscal hawk who will root out waste, fraud and abuse and protect you, the taxpayer. My unmatched experience, fairness and record of doing the right things for the right reasons prove it. As auditor, I will put your needs as the taxpayer first and be the rough, fair-minded and efficient advocate you deserve," Schweich writes. "With billions of dollars of Obama stimulus money coming to Missouri, our state needs a fiscal conservative like me to protect every taxpayer dollar from waste and abuse."

"Earlier this year, I was encouraged by a group of patriotic and well-known Missouri Republicans - conservatives and moderates alike - to become a new face in Missouri politics. I initially considered a run for U.S. Senate given my global experience. But working together and party unity is far more important to me than individual gain. The only question that really matters is: "What is best for the people of Missouri?"

Schweich's e-mail also includes his biography and a campaign e-mail account.

At the top of the e-mail, there is a note from Kinder, which reads the following:
"Dear Friends, The following letter came across my desk and I wanted to share it with you. I have met Tom Schweich and he has a very impressive background that highlights a dedication to public service and a commitment to truth and integrity. In the future I hope you have the opportunity to meet him in person."


After harshly criticizing Congressman Roy Blunt, Schweich cut a deal with top party leaders to drop out of the race in exchange for support for a campaign for auditor. Four days later, GOP House Budget Chair Allen Icet announced his own campaign for auditor, in what was seen as a pre-emptive strike to get out ahead of Schweich.

A Republican source tells The Notebook that Schweich was initially upset and caught off guard by Icet's announcement, and while allies of both sides were reportedly trying to come to an agreement to avoid a primary, a separate Republican said both are now expected to run.

The Notebook was first to report Schweich's potential campaign for auditor on June 11th, the same day he dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate.

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