Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Huckabee Revival?

Former Arkansas Governor was back in the news Friday as John McCain campaigned in Arkansas. Is Huck back on the veep short-list?

Are we reading too much into this sugar plum from McCain on the StraightTalk Express?

"Governor Huckabee got the votes of millions of Republican voters. That's a very important part of any election process, and I will rely on him for a lot of things. I think he has greater service to render to this nation," McCain said on the bus Friday, with Huckabee sitting right next to him.

Huckabee, who hasn't been running anymore for awhile, won 11% of the Republican vote in Pennsylvania this week.

So will Huck end of having a bigger role in Minneapolis than just a primetime speaking slot?

V.P. pros: Strong with Evangelicals, phenomenal speaker and campaigner, boosts McCain social conservative creds, younger, great with the press, has a band (!)

V.P. cons: Could be uncomfortable with traditional attack dog role, Might really just be positioning himself for another shot in 2012, too funny and quirky to be considered a heavyweight, may turn off some swing voters which could hurt McCain's "independent" brand

By the way, Huck passed on a chance to hit Barack Obama on the Jeremiah Wright fiasco.

"You've got to be a little bit presumptuous to ever assume just because the pastor says something in the pulpit, everybody in the pew agrees with it. That's rarely the case. Influential? Sure. Necessarily transferable? Usually not," Huckabee said.

A generous comment for Huck to make, but does that mean he's not tough enough to pull the knives out against the eventual Democratic nominee?

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