Tuesday, September 08, 2009

McCaskill Makes Newsweek's Tweet List

Newsweek rounds up the top ten social media site slip-ups and Sen. Claire McCaskill comes in at #7.
Writes David Graham:
"Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, one of Congress's most prolific Twitter users, inadvertently got her colleague Michael Bennet of Colorado in some trouble with liberal Denver blogger David Sirota. Sirota had been trying to snag an interview with the senator for a talk show he was guest-hosting, but was told Bennet was too busy. As a result, he wasn't too happy when he saw tweets from McCaskill (“Lunch w/ Lily in the Senate dining room. Sen. Bennet at large table surrounded by journalists. Don’t know whether to say congrats or try and save him.”) showing that Bennet was with other Washington reporters in the Senate dining room."
Read the entire list HERE.

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