Friday, July 17, 2009

Rally Time!

Missouri's chapter of Americans For Prosperity is urging supporters to show up outside of Sen. Claire McCaskill and Sen. Kit Bond's district offices Friday to protest a government healthcare option.

It is part of a nationwide effort.

In Springfield, the group is asking supporters to bring homemade signs and signed copies of the Patients First petition -- "to keep government out of our healthcare decisions."

The rallies are slated to begin 11 a.m. Central Time.

If you are interested in attending:
McCaskill's Springfield office is at 324 Park Central West.
Bond's Springfield office is at 300 South Jefferson, Suite 401.

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Tona said...

Likewise, if you believe in the need for healthcare reform, you can show support of President Obama's healthcare plan in the following ways--
1) Visit to sign the Healthcare Declaration
2) While there, sign up for the opportunity to talk to your neighbors door-to-door or by phone about your support of healthcare reform.