Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Cases of Barry County Swine Flu Evacuates Camp

Authorities identified seven cases of the H1N1 flu strain in Barry County and another two in Greene County Thursday in a swift reminder that the threat of the swine flu remains an active health concern.

As first reported on KY3 News @ 5, the cases in Barry County were identified at the Kids Across America campground near Golden, Mo. While seven people there are carrying the virus, officials say more than 50 are demonstrating flu-like symptoms, prompting the campgrounds to evacuate all 900 campers by early Friday.

Camp directors tell KY3 News they are confident they have the situation under control.


According to the state health department, the cases in Greene County involve two pre-teens but spokesman Kit Wagar was not sure of their gender or ages. Tests were conducted at a Springfield hospital and results were sent to the state. According to Wagar, the H1N1 flu has been confirmed in at least 75 people in Missouri.

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