Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nodler Praises Blunt, But Opposes Earmarks

The newest candidate for Congress in the 7th District came out against federal earmarks Thursday and said he would not accept them if they don't go through the normal appropriations process.
In response to a question by SNL's Chad Livengood, Nodler denied that his support for a $25 million dollar Eagle Pitcher project in Joplin was an earmark.
"That did not occur in the Missouri General Assembly," Nodler said, explaining that the project was part of the committee report. "An earmark is an unidentified addition expenditure added on the floor in a substitute without having gone through the process. That is the wrong way to appropriate funds. It circumvents the voice of the people and should not be done."
Nodler suggested that some of his colleagues may not understand the actual definition of an earmark. But after being pressed several times on the issue by The Notebook, he seemed to swear them off.
"I believe that projects for the 7th district that I would advance would go through the normal committee process and be ranked and voted on in the normal way," Nodler said.
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