Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nodler Q & A: Experience Matters

In the beginning of the question and answer session with reporters, Sen. Gary Nodler was asked specifically about how he's different from his Republican opponents in the 7th Congressional District.
ON SEN. JACK GOODMAN: "Jack's a fine guy. He has obviously less experience. Has a different type of record in the Senate."
ON THE FIELD'S SIMILAR VIEWS: "If the profile of the candidates is ideologically similar, then I would think the next question would be experience and ability and knowledge of the process."
Adds that he doesn't think any other candidate in the field can match his experience necessary to deal with the financial crisis.
ON HIS TWO PREVIOUS LOSSES FOR CONGRESS: "I'm different. When I ran before I didn't have the same sort of experiences in government."
ON THE CHANGING DEMOS IN THE 7th: "I'm not certain that I would've lost that first race in the current formation of the 7th Congressional District."
More Q & A to come . . .
FULL REPORT on KY3 News @ 6

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