Thursday, April 02, 2009

MoGOP Looking For Carnahan's ACORNs

The Missouri Republican Party has submitted an open records request of Secretary of State Robin Carnahan's correspondence with ACORN.
Carnahan's office tells The Notebook that they have always responded to Sunshine requests.
"Our request will shed light on why ACORN’s ongoing and well-documented voter registration fraud merited no response in her 205 page analysis of the 2008 elections," said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.
*Carnahan's full report on the 2008 elections can be viewed HERE*
"We believe it is important to determine if Secretary of State Carnahan’s cozy relationship with ACORN has clouded her judgment," Smith goes on. He also accuses Carnahan of whitewashing "the existence of voter fraud in Missouri."
ACORN is under scrutiny from federal law enforcement agencies in several states for questionable voter registration forms that have been submitted.
"The Secretary of State’s office believes it is important that government be open and transparent to Missouri citizens," said Carnahan's Secretary of State spokeswoman Laura Egerdal. "Our office has always complied with the sunshine law, and responds to all requests received by this office. The request received today will be treated no differently."
AND: EGERDAL POINTS TO AREAS IN CARNAHAN'S REPORT that references questionable voting registration applications: "Before the November 4th election, the LEA in Jackson County identified questionable voter registration applications that had been submitted," the report reads. "The Secretary of State’s Office immediately recommended that the questionable applications be forwarded to the Jackson County Prosecutor and the United States Attorney.The same recommendation was given when other questionable applications were identified in Clay County and Kansas City," it goes on.
Egerdal also provided The Notebook with an Oct. 8th letter from Carnahan to the Jackson County Board of Elections where she asks any questionable voter registration application be forwarded to the local prosecutor.
"Additionally, you’ll notice in the recommendations section, we ask that the General Assembly increase the maximum penalty for those who misrepresent themselves on voter registration applications," said Egerdal.

BUT THE GOP CHARGES THAT: "In the past, Carnahan’s office has obstructed Open Records requests, demanding $91,000 in fees to process a similar request from the MRP."

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