Friday, April 03, 2009

McCaskill Suggests Bailing Out Journalists

The Washington Post reports that Sen. Claire McCaskill is suggesting that the government should hire recently laid-off journalists to help craft the message of the website designed to track stimulus funding.
"McCaskill expressed concern that the written weekly updates on the new government Web site,, were inadequate," writes the Post.
"They don't feel like they're being written so people can look at it and really understand what's happening," she said.


Lewis said...

The democrats are leading an already bloated federal government even farther into socialism. They take our money and give it to a bunch of rich bankers and CEO's, and spend it on a bunch of pork that no one needs. What's not to understand?
As if the Dems didn't already have the media in their pocket....

Brian R said...

Lewis is dead on, is there anything (besides family owned businesses) that the Democrats WON'T spend billions on? After the last election I counld't wait for2012-now I'm wondering if we're going to make it that far. However, the Democrats seem to be bodyslamming the self-destruct button. I just hope the Republicans learn from their own mistakes as well as those that are being made right now by the Democrats. I doubt it, but what options do we have? We really need a non-radical 3rd party!