Thursday, July 20, 2006

Robert Brantley: Not Taking It Anymore

Democrat Robert Brantley says he's running in the 137th district because "nobody who is currently elected represents me, my family, my friends or my neighbors."

So he's decided to try to do the job himself. When you click onto Brantley's campaign website, you are bombarded with information. He tops his page with 4 big issues - healthcare, the minimum wage, education and democracy.

He then makes the case that he can't trust government anymore on a host of issues. Robert Brantley is clearly fired up. In other words, he's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.

The middle of the page changes pictures every few seconds. It's a montage of Brantley with his kids, Brantley with his family, even Brantley shirtless. Now how many political candidates would post a picture of themselves shirtless?

Brantley says his race will be the "one of the most highly contested races in Southwest Missouri." He lists tons of different links on his page, from progressive sites, to recent stories about the war in Iraq, to other Democratic candidate websites. He's attempting to start a dialogue.

It's clear Brantley is liberal and proud of it. He has a detailed breakdown of past vote totals in the 137th, making the case that a Democrat can take back Rep. Mark Wright's seat.

In the most candid part of the site, he provides a link about his personal struggle to hold his family together. "My oldest son Derek Brantley is currently housed in a Juvenile Lock-Down Facility somewhere in Missouri. I am charged with Abuse," writes Brantley. His story is long and complicated, but he lays it out for you to decide.

Brantley clearly wants everything out in the open. He posts a lengthy resume, noting everything from his landscaping job in junior high to his overseas training for Operation Desert Storm.

Under "From the wires of Public Concern," and "Brantley in the news," the candidate has many different entries on subjects like his Memorial Day speech to veterans issues. Brantley is clearly passionate about the war and foreign policy.

But just by scanning this site, you can tell Brantley is passionate and emotional about most everything he talks about.

Brantley will face Charlie Norr and Richard Napieralski for the Democratic nomination on August 8th.


The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Brantley may be liberal, but I admire him nevertheless. He's a good Joe with a lot of energy and passion for change, even if some of that change might be socialistic in nature.

cashplays said...

Who knows what Brantley is: Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative??? Most would laugh at the last descriptor, but he did work for one of the most Conservative Republican candidates ever to run in SW Missouri, Gordon Nordquist. He worked for Gordo in the 2002 Senate race for the 20th district. His candidate finished 3rd in a 3 man primary and Brantley promptly switched over to the Dems team working for Jim Kreider in another losing battle against current Senator Dan Clemens. Hard to get a pulse on his views, but one thing is true: He won't win this race.

The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

"He won't win this race."

And that's a shame. He'd do better than those other guys.

Old Iconoclast said...

No one can dispute Brantley's energy and drive. Constituents in his district would enjoy the best service EVER if Brantley were to win.

Local Democratic leaders are backing Charlie Norr. Their mistake. Nothing wrong with Norr, but Brantley would work harder for the district.

cashplays said...

Didn't I read on this site that Napieralski was the chosen candidate of the Dems? Is that not right?

Chris Fluharty said...

See my comments if they get posted on the charlie Norr thread. Needless to say if any of them win 137th will be voiceless in Jeff City. What on earth will a minorty party freshmen rep do? Lets get real Springfield we must keep a voice in Jeff City so we cannot vote any of them in.

Jane said...

What difference if we have a freshman or a current Repub, they will always vote with the party. If they vote against the party they find their office in the basement closet the next day. So much for voting what your constituents want and what is best for them! We need people who are going to stand up for the people in this state. Not what is best for corporate America and lobbying groups.

bobicus tomatocus said...

Jane: news flash, Democrats vote in step with the party just as much as Republicans.

I would make the observation that Republicans might be a tad more independent right now.

Take the fee office dispute and a few other items which are "in the news" and being pushed by the media.

Democrats are taking the same points about those "issues." In the same breath, though, there is open and honest dissent among Republicans.

That is good and bad news depending upon your point of view.