Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Busch Feeling Out 30th Distict Senate Race

"If I had my druthers I'd run as an independent . . .
. . . But it would more than likely be as a Democrat."

Former Springfield-Greene County Library Director Annie Busch tells The Notebook she's considering running for the 30th District State Senate seat in 2010.

"I am considering it. I have not decided. It's a very big decision," said Busch in an interview Wednesday.

*BUT Busch adds that she'll make up her mind by next week.*

Busch showed up at Greene County's Jackson Day event and attendees say she was feeling out support. Busch said she's been approached by some area Democrats to run, but acknowledges she's still "testing the waters." "I'm very apolitical. If I run, it would be to offer myself as an option. It wouldn't be about running against anybody else," she said.

But Busch's moves is a clear indication that Rep. Sara Lampe will not throw her hat into the 30th District Senate race as many expected. Busch wouldn't comment on Lampe's intentions, but said: "She's the one encouraging me to run."

Republican Rep. Bob Dixon is the only announced candidate for the GOP, although some in the more moderate wing of the party have signaled they are looking for a candidate to oppose Dixon in the race to fill Sen. Norma Champion's seat.

"I do like Bob," Busch said. "I think Bob's a nice guy and done some good things," she added. When asked what party she would run under, if she runs, Busch paused . . . then said: "If I had my druthers, I'd run as an independent." When pressed, she replied, "It would more than likely be as a Democrat."

But chatter among Republicans indicate that some think Busch could be a formidable candidate because of her likability, name identification and personal ability to "self-fund" a campaign. She stressed she has not made up her mind. "It's a big commitment. Politics is a little rough and tumble. I have to make sure it's the best move for me, and that I have something to offer voters that they would want to support," she said.

Springfield's 30th District State Senate seat will be a targeted race for both Democrats and Republicans in 2010. Some believe it could become "a million dollar contest."

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