Sunday, February 08, 2009

Week 4: Nixon's Grade


The past week was dominated by House passage of the Quality Jobs legislation and the stalled confirmation of Linda Martinez. It's doubtful Nixon's staff foresaw that it would take this long to get Martinez confirmed. She's expected to make it, but the battle has become a rallying cry for the right on the issue of illegal immigration. It also shows the willingness of certain Republicans to take on the new Governor, despite his popular mandate. The jobs bill was an easy early win for Nixon. But some in his own party wonder if there's enough accountability included in the measure. Are tax credits the answer in an ailing economic environment? Meanwhile, some in the upper chamber are already wondering if too many pet project "special interests" have been thrown in. In addition, Nixon's budget plan that depends on the stimulus is getting more scrutiny and taking more fire. Saturday in Springfield, Speaker Ron Richard suggested that Missouri should send the federal money back if the $800 billion dollar package is seen to be a waste. With an increasingly skeptical public raising questions about "another Washington bailout," Nixon and his team will need to soon begin making the sell that one-time money should be used to fund ongoing programs. Republicans are already suggesting that plan won't survive. The bridge of bipartisanship is already beginning to show some cracks.

Week 3: B
Week 2: B-
Week 1: A-

Nixon's Rolling Average: B

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