Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blunt to Tour Mt. Vernon Vet Clinic Monday

Congressman Roy Blunt will visit the Missouri Rehab Center and Gene Taylor Veterans Clinic in Mt. Vernon Monday at 9:45 a.m.
  • According to American Medical News, Congressman Blunt seems to agree that Congress needs to fix the Medicare reimbursement formula this year. "Almost everyone in the Congress believes that you need to be more fairly compensated and that Medicare takes advantage of the system by not doing [its] part,"Blunt is quoted saying at a March 10th conference.
  • Blunt has co-sponsored legislation with Rep. Ron Paul (i.e. Mr. Revolution) that calls for the Federal Reserve to be more transparent about their operations. The legislation requires a full audit of the Fed by the end of 2010. "An extra level of transparency could prevent our current troubles from worsening -- and perhaps could have prevented them from becoming this severe," Blunt said.
  • Capital J, a D.C-based Jewish publication, reports that Blunt wants a greater effort from the State Department to enforce sanctions against Iran. He wants the Obama administration to apply more pressure on firms that invest in Iran's energy sector.
ALSO on MONDAY: Blunt has an evening fundraiser set for his U.S. Senate bid at Metro in Springfield.

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Leon Hicks said...

I thought we would be done with Blunt Up in smoke would be the appropriate term. For a man that did not have the B---s to run for a second term and done as much to financially devastate the low income in the State he has a lot of nerve. I believe that we should never forget the missing E-Mails and the Political Boss man politics that was popular in the early last century. I am the Boss and none can touch me attitude. He would be best to go lay on the porch with rest of the defeated dogs of the last election! Just calling as I see it a voter that that believes anything the Blunt's put their name on needs to be scrutinized and looked at cautiously. He lied to the citizens of Missouri so many times about so many things ,MY BATTLE CRY IS OUT WITH ALL OF THE BLUNT"S let us not forget!:Leon Hicks a registered voter of the state of Missouri.