Thursday, January 22, 2009

Schoeller Considering Run For Congress

"People Are Giving Me Confidence"
The Republican Representative from the #139th State House District tells The Notebook he's considering a run for Congress if Roy Blunt goes through with a U.S. Senate bid.
Rep. Shane Schoeller says he's been listening and talking to people about a bid for the 7th Congressional District.
"I think it's something we're going to look at. I just want to make sure it there would be a potential that you'd be the victor in a potential race," Schoeller said. "I know quite a few Republicans around the 7th District and you can get a good gauge. What surprised me, is the number of people I've had say, 'You were one of the people we would hope run.' People are giving me confidence."
Schoeller, who grew up in Taney County and has lived in Polk County, could do very well along the Highway 65 corridor, according to one Springfield conservative.
This same conservative, who asked for anonymity so not to offend any of the potential candidates, says he's heard Schoeller inquiring about Club For Growth ratings, and how his votes might win favor with the influential conservative group.
Schoeller said he has not talked to Rep. Blunt since Sen. Kit Bond's announcement, but wouldn't expect any official backing. "I think if you're going to do this, you've got to prove you can do it on your own," he said.
Sen. Jack Goodman, Sen. Gary Nodler and former Joplin State Rep. Gary Marble have been mentioned as potential Republican candidates in the 7th District. Schoeller cautions he has no timeline until Blunt makes his move. "Until Roy makes his announcement, nobody's going to decide anything," he said.


Christian said...

Shane has been a great rep. for the Springfield area. He has lead the fight against wasteful spending and always fought to protect life. Go Shane!

John said...

I met Shane last summer and was pretty impressed by him. We could use a budget hawk as our next congressman.

CharityAngel said...

I have seen Shane in many different situations. Each time, he has take the time to listen and work for what the people were talking to him about.

While in Jefferson City for the Inaugural Ball, I heard individuals talking to him about the economic situations that they were facing.

Even though he is not my representative, he also listened to my concerns.