Thursday, January 22, 2009

Davis To Run For The #137th In 2010

Republican Charity Davis says she will challenge Rep. Charlie Norr for the #137th legislative district seat in 2010.
She made the announcement . . . on FACEBOOK, (where else?)

In a Facebook message to The Notebook (yes, I've recently relented too), the anti-abortion, pro-gun Davis said she's determined to launch a campaign.

"I am determined to serve the people of the 137th district. I love my neighbors. I witness the struggles that they are going through; struggles that I have faced myself. Clearly, something must be done. I desire to strengthen homes and families. Families are central to our society. If we do not take care of families, we are failing to care for our nation. I want to seek out and work for those solutions that will better our lives as individuals, and as families," wrote Davis.

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For The People said...

Charity Davis
Principle over politics

How refreshing to find a future representative of the people who puts good, pure, principles above political agendas!