Tuesday, January 13, 2009

McCaskill: No Stimulus Until February

Sen. Claire McCaskill said not to expect an economic stimulus package out of Congress until February. She also said not to expect a lot of compromise between competing interests.
"I want to make sure it's about jobs, and not pleasing certain constituencies."
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On Monday, McCaskill said she trusts Obama but, "We don't know enough about the first $350 billion. ... We have to be careful that in our haste to do something, we don't get sloppy. We did on the first one."
McCaskill wasn't sure if she'd vote for the $350 billion in TARP funds before the meeting with Obama, but afterwards, she said she'd consider it.

"Let me see what he calls earmarks."

Last week, Sen. Kit Bond said he favored tax credits for businesses, a temporary reduction in Social Security contributions and money for public works projects in an economic stimulus package.

When asked whether he would support earmarks for other local projects in the bill, Bond responded: "We'll work on those in the regular appropriations process."

ALSO: A Bond K.C. Regional Director says: "If it’s not an earmark. What is it?"

Bond's office estimates a package could mean $7 billion for Missouri.

AND: On Tuesday, Bond's office announced $15 million dollars from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including $1.4 million for Burrell Behavioral Health, Inc. in Springfield to construct a 14 unit multifamily complex, serving very low-income people with disabilities.

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