Friday, November 21, 2008

Huckabee Says Obama Cabinet Appointments Don't Represent Change

"Looks Like We're Just Changing To The Clintons"

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee raises a skeptical eye about Barack Obama's apparent Cabinet selections and explains why bailouts are hurting the Republican Party.


Huck on Bailouts: "All the bailouts are ridiculous. It's not the purpose of the U.S. taxpayer to turn around and work real hard today to give money to people who are recklessly irresponsible in the way that they live."

Huck on Obama: "I think you could basically say if you like the Clinton administration, you're apparently going to love the Obama administration because you're going to have a lot of it."

Adds that while some of Obama's apparent selections show experience, "it looks like we're just changing to the Clintons."

Also says he'll pray for Obama's success


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Even if Mike Huckabee hadn't said this, we'd all already have known the obvious: Barack Obama's change meant retrograde change.

And that he really is Barack Hussein Clinton Obama.

What all of us who voted against him/for McCain kept saying: Caveat Emptor.

Well, it appears that besides possibly getting Jimmy Carter II, it's certain we'll be getting Clinton III.

Yessir, some new politician, some change-bringer that Obama is.

Change we can believe in?

Wonder how many more lies it'll take before his Kool-Aid drinkers will have to hear before they'll realize they bought a pig in a poke?

nrobyar said...

It is amazing the way Huckabee is able to give this brilliant interview all the while signing these books at a whiz of a rate!! This man never ceases to impress!! Huckabee 2012!!!

akprayingmom said...

I am so happy about the huge turnout and success of the book tour and I want to congratulate Mike and Janet (Yes, it is true, behind every great man is an unselfish, supportive, giving, and loving wife!) Thanks Janet for allowing Mike to give so much back to us Americans!
Mike Huckabee's book Do the Right Thing is about how we can head back in the right direction in our country on economic, national strength, as well as social issues, where we have gotten bogged down and stuck in the mire.
But rather than ask about the solutions provided in this book, all most media reports want to talk about is why is Mike Huckabee angrily bashing Mitt Romney?
The fact of the matter is he isn't angry and he didn't bash Mitt Rommney in his book. Mike Huckabee simply stated the truth of what happened, on the campaign trail with his opponents.
Why is it that all the truly honorable ways that Mike Huckabee responded to attacks on himself, and his accomplishments, were never reported, while all the very dishonorable acts of Mitt Romney toward Mike Huckabee, that were a constant everyday stream throughout the campaign were played down or completely ignored?
Mitt Romney, spent over $70 million dollars to attack McCain and Huckabee with half truths and false statements about them and their accomplishments. Mitt Romney repeatedly, acted rude, and arrogant towards Mike Huckabee, many times completely ignoring him, when in fact Romney, should have at the very least politely acknowledged him, and yet Mike Huckabee is called, whiny or angry for expecting common courtesy and manners, while Romney's rude and selfish behavior is ignored and covered up because he is worth so many millions, he can do no wrong.
Instead of rising petty arguments on a few slight comments about the truth of the campaign why not focus on the true cause of our national problems and the solutions offered to solve them by a truly honorable, intelligent, and experienced leader of our country, Mike Huckabee?