Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rush & Me

The Talk Show King of the Conservative Movement Bashes My Questioning of Mike Huckabee Monday, regarding what's relevant in this presidential election.
And to think, taken to task by Rush on of all things, "drug use."
RUSH: So yesterday in Springfield, Missouri, Mike Huckabee was interviewed by a TV station, KY3 news, reporter said, "I know you mentioned Bill Ayers on the stage today. Is that an issue people ought to consider more important than even the economic issue? What's the message here? Is it his associations or is it the economic, the tax structure of the country?"
HUCKABEE: Can you tell me anybody that sorted out who it was that supplied Barack Obama the drugs that he claimed in his own book to have taken? No.
REPORTER: So that's relevant, his drug use is on the table.
HUCKABEE: Well, if Joe the Plumber's back taxes are relevant, a guy who's just playing football in his neighborhood, then everything is relevant.
RUSH: Hmm. That's Mike Huckabee. And the reporter, you know, "What do these associations have to do with economic things?" This is the where the reporter and most reporters are just ignorant and bullheaded. If your best friends are socialists, if your best friends are anti-capitalist, it has everything in the world to do with whether or not your economic policies are going to be capitalist or socialist. Ignorance, the most expensive commodity we have in this country, and a lot of it exists in the Drive-By Media.

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