Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obama Office Pool

NOW . . . WHERE?

Barack Obama's coming to Springfield Saturday.
Now, where do they put him?
THE KY3 Office Pool
Ky3 Reporter Cara Restelli . . . MSU Football Field (Plaster)
Ky3 Assignment Editor Doug Owen . . . JQH New Basketball Arena
Ky3 Producer Brian Vandenberg . . . MSU Football Field (Plaster)
Your guess?
What about Hammons Field . . . The airport says they haven't heard anything . . . A venue at Evangel?


Green_Team said...

I think they'll put him where Joe Biden was, at Jordan Valley.

Any idea/guess on time? I heard somewhere he's bringing Michelle and his daughters...

Busplunge said...

But I remember also when Ronald Reagan visited and he held his rally at the airport.