Friday, October 17, 2008

Hulshof's 2-fer

"Got Extra Money? Jay Nixon Thinks You Do."

The latest television ad by Republican candidate for Governor Kenny Hulshof splits his messages into two separate spots. The first is 13-seconds, offering a quick rebuttal. The second is 17-second, focusing what seems to the be line of attack Hulshof will use against Nixon the remainder of the campaign. The first refutes an ad by Jay Nixon right now that blames the financial crisis on Hulshof. Nixon's charge is over the top, but Hulshof's response is to call that "ridiculous," because he voted against the federal bailout twice. It's true he voted against the bailout -- but that was obviously after the financial crisis had begun. What and who helped cause it to get to this point? Interesting that Hulshof doesn't go back into the messy details to address the previous trade votes Nixon has been hitting him on. The second 17-seconds is more creative, hitting Nixon on spending your money. It wasn't too long ago the Sarah Steelman was making the same argument against Kenny Hulshof. Earlier this fall, Nixon took that same playbook to define Hulshof. Now Hulshof is trying to turn the tables. It seems over the past few days, the Hulshof campaign has found it's line of attack: Nixon's programs will cost too much. He's a big spender. Hulshof's now got 17 days to beef it up, and sell it.



On the spending issue, Nixon's campaign says Hulshof seems to be confused about the cost of his own healthcare plan.

From Nixon's Oren Shur:
"Congressman Hulshof appears to be confused about the cost of his own health care plan. His campaign admitted it would really costs 500 million in state funds, not the 50 million he said today. Fuzzy math, I guess. So the Congressman's plan costs more than Jay Nixon's, but cover fewer Missourians."

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