Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Losing Whites By 20 Points In Missouri

McCain 50%, Obama 45%
Time/CNN poll conducted by phone, Sept. 7-9th, of 940 Missouri voters
The margin of error is 3%
With third party candidates added in, McCain's lead in Missouri narrows slightly, 48% to Obama's 44%. The Opinion Research Corp. polled four swing states. Read all the results HERE.
From TIME: "The polls found that Obama has problems attracting white voters. In Missouri, Virginia and Michigan he loses that segment, by 14 percentage points in Michigan and 20 points in Missouri . . . Key to McCain's lead in Virginia and Missouri is his appeal to Independent voters. While Obama holds an edge over McCain with self-identified moderate voters in all four states, he's losing among Independent voters in Virginia by 9 percentage points and Missouri by 18 percentage points."
GEOGRAPHY: McCain and Obama are splitting Missouri's urban areas, while McCain holds a large lead in the rural parts of the Show-Me State.

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