Monday, August 18, 2008

That Meeting . . .

The two met in Jefferson City this morning
Hulshof spokesperson Scott Baker called the encounter "very cordial."
***A joint statement is pending . . .???
(Nothing as of 9 p.m.)
But while we wait . . . let's test your sense of humor . . . ***

10 Things That Might've Been Overheard at Kenny Hulshof's private meeting with Sarah Steelman

1. "Quick! It's the Maine Lobster . . . Made you look."

2. "Since, you seem keen on spending, would you mind picking up the tab?"

3. "I've been thinking . . . next time Renee should run against David."

4. "Mind wiping the mud off my face?"

5. "You're lucky, if we would've found a corn-suit in time, you would've seen it at the Kum & Go."

6. "So . . . talked to Matt Blunt lately?"

7. "Can you believe this, Jay Nixon's gonna be our next Governor . . . and not many of the Democrats even like him!"

8. "It's Hulshof . . . NOT Hasselhoff. Reeaal nice, Sarah."

9. "I'll take a glass of corn-based ethanol . . ."

10. "OFF the record . . ."

1 comment:

Smile said...

On point 8... Hasselhoff is a real supporter of Missouri State! Did anybody else catch the Icon guys on America's Got Talent?

I'm sure the meeting, on face, was cordial in nature. But there has to be a lot of built up animosity from the Steelman camp towards Hulsoff after the party sold her out. She stood the best chance at beating Nixon and it seems like the party is content on giving the election to Nixon. Point 7 is dead on.