Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obama Vet Director To Hold Springfield Roundtable

Barack Obama's National Veterans Director will visit Springfield Monday to hold a roundtable in Springfield on veterans issues.
Details on Iraq veteran Phil Carter's visit are still unclear, but his visit is designed to highlight Obama's record on veterans issues, including healthcare and a modernized G.I. Bill.
On Thursday, military veterans supporting Obama announced a statewide Veterans Steering Committee to reach out to to Missouri's nearly 600,000 veterans.
"Too many Missouri vets in rural and other communities currently lack access to such essential services," said Vince Gunter, a member of Obama's Missouri Vets team. "I've looked closely at Senator Obama’s record on issues like this; I know we can trust an Obama administration to provide veterans with the services they deserve and the benefits they have earned," he added.
U.S. Army veteran Jack Hembree of Springfield will also serve on Obama's veterans committee. Hembree served in Korea, Vietnam and Saudia Arabia, among other places. Hembree said he knew he wanted to support Obama when her heard him speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

You can read more of Obama's plan for veterans HERE.
Colonel Jack Jackson is heading up John McCain's veterans outreach in Missouri. You read more on McCain's plan for veterans HERE.

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