Thursday, August 07, 2008

Koster, Acting As Nominee, Meets Gibbons

MOVING ON: "Now that the Democratic primary is Behind Us . . ."

Rule number one: When an election is close, act like you are the undisputed victor.

It will be difficult for State Rep. Margaret Donnelly to overturn Tuesday's result in the Democratic primary for Governor through a recount. And it makes it a tad bit tougher when Koster is already acting the part.

The Koster campaign put out a release noting that the Democratic nominee debated "issues critical to Missouri's agricultural industry," with Republican nominee Mike Gibbons, before the Missouri Farm Bureau Thursday. Gibbons ran unopposed in the primary.

"Now that the Democratic primary is behind us, I intend to fulfill my promise of campaigning for every vote in every corner of Missouri, and speaking to the issues that affect rural, urban and suburban families from border to border,” said Koster.

"The people of this state are best served by a chief law enforcement officer who has authentic law enforcement experience, and I intend to present that message to every single Missourian," Koster added.

The forum with Gibbons covered issues from CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), to the Missouri River to the meth problem.

And if there was any doubt, Koster's camp tagged out its release with these lines: "Koster won the Democratic primary for Attorney General on Tuesday, August 5th. He is the only candidate for Attorney General with any prosecutorial experience."
Donnelly's campaign is mulling a recount and an election official has said Koster's win is unofficial.

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