Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Notebook Exclusive

A top Steelman supporter phones the KY3 Political Notebook to deliver this message from Sarah Steelman about her meeting with Kenny Hulshof:
"They had a cordial meeting. She's thinking about the discussion. She takes very seriously the issues she campaigned for. You should know by now, with Sarah, it's not about partisan politics. It's about the people."
The message was delivered by a top Steelman supporter who has spoken with the candidate several times since her meeting with Hulshof.
Pressed on if she'll ultimately endorse, the supporter responded: "She'll make her statement, when she makes her statement."
The supporter would not elaborate any more or answer follow-up questions, other than to repeat the statement above.
The timing on her decision is unclear
It's unknown if Steelman/Hulshof will meet again
"Can't disagree with how your source characterizes it," said Hulshof spokesperson Scott Baker. "We've shared Kenny's impression of the meeting - it was cordial. Beyond that, not sure there's any more for us to add. In terms of a timetable, I think any sense of urgency is media-generated. When it happens, it happens," he added.
"It's Day 14 and Treasurer Steelman and Congressman Hulshof still can't make peace. What was the breakdown between the Missouri Treasurer and the Washington Congressman in their meeting that caused the continued disarray?," said Missouri Democratic spokesperson Zac Wright.
"Having limped across the finish line in a divisive Primary with little campaign money left and a disenchanted party base, Congressman Hulshof probably wishes he could be spending his time doing something other than trying to convince a leader in his own Party to support him," he said.


Paul said...

She's looking for the same thing Hillary wants...."pay off my loans to the campaign". She was up to about $750,000 of David Steelman's personal injury money for negative attack ads on Hulshof. I'll bet she wants Hulshof to pay for all the mud she slung at him.
My money would be on Kenny Hulshof saying "thanks but no thanks".

Steelman2010 said...


You must be joking. Kenny didn't sling mud? He slung just as much mud plus he never defended his record, not one time.

Jay Nixon will be our governor, and that's undortunate.

I hope Sarah runs for Senate.